I- Christopher Lindgren- have lived on these soggy, stoney slopes for the past 30 years.  This blog chronicles my adventure as it continues!  Mine is an adventure in local living, in working close to the land to address the economic question.  Mine is also an adventure in creative livelihood, in family, in fatherhood.  The rocks of this land I attend have served to strengthen me, to challenge me, to tire me, to inspire me.  This blog is an extension of this work & of this mountain.

Terrible Mountain Blog will also serve me as I explore & speak to issues I engage with as I work my way through a graduate degree in business management from Marlboro Graduate School. This learning is centered by the sustainability evolution, a state of mind seeking economic, social, & environmental justice in nature’s inspiration.  This management perspective, this management practice, is taught in Brattleboro, VT.  Marlboro Graduate School is a hub of uncommon learning.  It is an inspiration for me to be among pioneers in this enterprise.